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The experience of working with over 50 clients in multiple industries over the past 10 years has allowed Jay Maharjan & Associates to develop a proprietary business strategy for your business.


We have a team of highly qualified experts with extensive consulting experience in industries including Entertainment, Technology, Healthcare, e-Commerce. We believe in doing the right thing before doing the thing right by following our proven methodologies.


Discovery: What is your business?

It is our utmost priority to understand your business. We ensure that we are in synch with our clients’ precise vision. In this process, we identify strategic and research questions to be addressed later in the project. We use various mediums to collect information via both on-site visits with key members of the organization and through series of virtual communication.

Market Research: Who are your customers?

Market research is an integral part of the business process. Market research validates and provides direction to exploit the opportunity. Market research can also uncover threats and opportunities in the marketplace. A partial list of our market research will include:

· The size of the market
· Current Market Trends
· The competitive Analysis

Business Strategy: What do the customers consider value?

We will help you define your business strategy. We will provide you with key directions to define your core products and a strategy to come up with a plan to maintain sustainable competitive advantage. During this process, we will review your current business models, including marketing, partnerships, human resources, and operations strategies to make sure they are sound and current.

The Business Plan

Based on the findings of the business strategy, we will work closely with you to determine the best way to position them in the business plan. Some of the topics involved in the plan will include:

Executive Summary: is an important portion of the business plan that will include: Mission, Vision, Management, Products and Services, Funds needed and Use, Investor Benefits, Financial Summary, and Exit Plan.

Business Plan: will include Executive Summary, Company Description, Products and Services, Industry Analysis and Trends, marketing Plan, Technology Plan, Operation Plan, Management and Operation, a comprehensive Financial Plan, and all relevant appendices.

Slide Presentation: We have in-house capabilities to handle creative design and development process that is required to present a powerful business plan. All our deliverables will meet the highest level of professionalism from both the esthetic and the content point of view.

Call Jay Maharjan & Associates today at
877 466 2360 to learn how we can help you:

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One Response to “Jay Maharjan & Associates”

  1. Mr. Maharjan:

    It’s Erica vanderLinde Feidner a.k.a. “The Piano Matchmaker” here. I was delighted to read your posting of December 3rd, 2007. COngratulations to you on your successes!

    Please know I have established my own company, Piano Matchmaker LLC whereby I can match any top-tier piano to any client…. Exciting, fun stuff!!!

    Not much of TV viewer (yet), I wonder what your thoughts might be on my possibly approaching the Donny Deutsh Show with regard to my U.S. Patent that demonstrates (successfully!) how to learn to read music and play the piano – in one lesson.

    Should you have a moment to reply, I would be most grateful.

    Looking forward to that possibility,
    Erica vanderLinde Feidner
    President, Piano Matchmaker LLC
    112 Harvest Commons
    Westport, CT 06880
    cell (203)644-9197
    toll free (877)88-ERICA

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