By Jay Maharjan on October 22, 2007

As an entrepreneur, publicity can be the key to taking your venture to the next level. I think there’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially if you are a budding start-up. In the digital age, when the buzz can spread like California wildfire, any sort of publicity can create much needed press, traffic to your website, or get the brand recognition.

How to write a press release?

Choose a headline that stands out – According to Business Wire, write a headline that is keyword rich and clearly states the theme of your release.

Be precise. Keep length of the press release to one page. Never exceed two pages.

Choose right words
. Avoid using first person perspective. Do not use terms like ” I ” or “We”. Use verbs that reflect strong statements. Instead of writing “The company is in the process of implementing quality control processes…” use “The company implemented Six Sigma quality control measures…”

Include at least one quote on your press release
. A couple of strong, relevant quotes from employees, managers or the CEO give credibility to the statement. Make sure to get permission before using any quotes.

Use key words repeatedly throughout the release
. Search engines view multiple mentions in most sources as high priority and give higher ranking.

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