By Jay Maharjan on September 24, 2007

As an entrepreneur, publicity can be the key to taking your venture to the next level. I think there’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially if you are a budding start-up. In the digital age, when the buzz can spread like California wildfire, any sort of publicity can create much needed press, traffic to your website, or get the brand recognition.

Traditional PR campaigns still apply in principle, but the medium has changed drastically. Recently, my consulting firm prepared a press release for Montecito Fine Arts College of Design, a distinguished Design College in Los Angeles. Within a week, the story got picked by, Investor’s Business Daily, among many other high traffic news portals. If your story appears on, by brand association alone, you will get huge return on your few hundred dollar investment.

What makes a good topic for Business Wire?

a. Launch of a company – along with the highlights of the services or/and the products that your company offer
b. News of key executives, directors, or advisors joining your company
c. News of special milestones – e.g. 10 year anniversary events, opening of new offices, acquiring a FORTUNE 500 client, merger & acquisition news
d. Special recognitions – e.g. start up company of the month, Innovation Awards.
e. News of strategic partnerships – Always exploit the opportunity to tie in with the partners with higher brand identity.
f. News of channel, sales partnerships, Value-added Resellers (VARs) – Always make channel partners, VARs feel important and part of your family

It is always good to send press releases as often as possible. The worst that can happen is that your story will not get picked. But, the upside is huge – can very well give your company that much needed boost!